Bridges to Prosperity is a nonprofit organization that helps build footbridges in east African communities after studying feasibility and weighing the economic impact of a proposed bridge.

The organization has been collecting data about the proposed bridges. It needed help with visualization of their data. And that is where my team comes in. My team’s task was to build on top of prior work done on an app that displays information about bridges and also shows economic impact for a given bridge on the map. Specifically the stakeholder wanted my team to help render boundaries at granular levels — such…

WS Gate: A python quiz

  1. What is the output of this program?
def achchula_sankhya(a_str):    count = 0    for c in a_str:        if c in ['a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u']:            count += 1    return countprint("achchula_sankhya('sky'): " + str(achchula_sankhya('sky')))print("achchula_sankhya('brrr'):" + str(achchula_sankhya('brrr')))print("achchula_sankhya('glyphs'):" + str(achchula_sankhya('glyphs')))print("achchula_sankhya('supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'): " + str(achchula_sankhya('supercalifragilisticexpialidocious')))print ''print('What movie is that from?')movie_name = ''.join(reversed('snippoP yraM'))print movie_namea_sentence = 'Is that really the longest word in english? Can we create bigger words? How? Hint: Scientific words'print (achchula_sankhya(a_sentence) * 100 / len(a_sentence))a_sentence = 'Which language has the highest frequence of achchulu? Which has the lowest?'print (achchula_sankhya(a_sentence) * 100 / len(a_sentence))

2. Fix the following program

def reverse(a_str):    b_str = ''    for c in a_str:        b_str += c    return b_strprint("Reverse of racecar is " + reverse('racecar'))print("But reverse of spongebob is not " + reverse('spongebob'))

Parimala Vemula

Full Stack Web Developer

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